That's me thinking creative stuff. 


Hi there.

What I am
–Barcelona, Spain native & German citizen
–Boston University Grad
–Tattooed with the Rolling Stones tongue
–Guitar aficionado
Futura® lover artist
–Paint brush wielder
-Entrepreneur. Check out my latest projects:
-HaloShot by Rsilient

What I ain’t
–Sleep connoisseur
–Health food junkie

What I’ve done
–Swim for over 17 years, 12,000 hours or 27,000 miles as a student-athlete at Boston University
–Awesome stuff that you can see here
–Learned 4 languages and forgot 1/2
–Waited 12 hours in line to see Aerosmith

Hit me up.

I think brutal simplicity is a great motto but that doesn't mean I don't spend late nights and countless hours on the details. If you think something on this website isn't simple enough, pretentious or trying too hard (including this bio) send your suggestions (and hate mail) to Any help would be appreciated. You're welcome to send good things, too.

Welcome & thanks for stopping by.